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Let's Just Get Every Face Covered

In the over decade-long history of this blog, Dan's recent post, A Tiresome SPAT, has been viewed more times than any other post we've ever written. And it's only been up 48 hours. This is a testament to Dan's ability to encapsulate the controversy regarding SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a billiant way. As I reflected on his writing, it became increasingly clear to me that the source of the controversy of whether we are dealing with droplet transmission or aerosol transmission is deeply rooted in the framework through which you're viewing the issue. These frames are associated with different values and ways of thinking, and depending on the frame utilized determines your recommmendations for mitigating transmission.
The first framework I'll describe is the medical (i.e., individual patient) frame. Imagine a patient visiting their physician and asking what they can do to best avoid COVID-19 infection. In addition to social distancing and hand hygiene, the physician …

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