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A Momentous Week in Our Pandemic Response

This guest post was written by Jorge Salinas, MD, Hospital Epidemiologist at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.  Her saturation had dropped to 89. Fever persisted. She was being admitted. This was the telegraphic message that started a roller coaster of a week. My mother had been symptomatic for a few days but had suddenly worsened. By 7:45 that same morning, we received confirmation—shipment was completed, 975 doses were on the dock, the vaccination deployment plan was a go. A quick morning huddle. Everyone knew their positions and what to do: teams to prepare the doses, employee health nurses to administer them, planners to manage schedules. It was nicely choreographed and rehearsed. The New York Times , 12/18/20 ED nurse, environmental services custodian, doctor, resident. How many people received the dose before me? Ten? Twenty? Jorge, this way. Immediately after the shot, I was asked, on camera, how I felt now that I had received the precious vaccine. This was und

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