Need a Face Shield?

Over the past few months, numerous people have contacted me to ask where they can purchase a face shield. I've assembled a list of some companies below. I'm sure there are many more, which I'm happy to add if you send me an email.

Standard Shields:

Hats with built-in shields:

Fun ones & kids' shields:

Shields designed to be worn with loupes:

Shields with goggles:

DIY Face Shields:

Shield bulk orders:


  1. "Social Precluding"
    via Broadly Using the Appropriate Simple Face Shields by the General Public


    "Social Precluding (Social Barricading)", via broadly using the appropriate simple face shields (even homemade) by the general public, can have a determining role in helping to preclude the severe infection and sepsis by New Coronavirus. It can also be useful in making a balance between the Economy and Health.

    The face shield is a handy, washable and thus economical tool. Everyone could find the instructions showing how to make an appropriate ordinary shield, via searching the Web.
    [► To tackle some possible problems in using an appropriate face shield, if needed, the face shield could be applied together with a very simple and washable cover of the mouth mainly to facilitate the face shield application. .]

    Obviously, it does not mean ignoring other necessary recommendations, like hand-washing, etc. (Having a shield precludes touching the face, too.)

    Likewise, emphasis on "Social Precluding" does not mean ignoring the benefits of "Social Distancing". Allowing for an integrative attitude, social precluding can compensate for many possible defects of social distancing. Anyway, whether social distancing is appropriately applied in practice or not, social precluding can be and must be applied in any case.

    The effectiveness of the appropriate face shields in precluding the infection has been proved; anyhow, urgently conducting more studies, also including the laboratory investigations, to provide as many academic documents as possible is highly recommended.

    Thank you.
    K.E. (MD)


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