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I can't speak for Mike and Dan, but I suspect that we all enjoy blogging for many of the same reasons.  It's a great way for the three of us to share ideas with each other and our readers/friends/colleagues without spamming them with emails. Unfortunately, I still do that occasionally.  Sorry guys! However, it would add to the fun if we received more comments.  I'm sure you all have insights, additional links, etc. that you want to share, and we want you to share them.  Do you have some ideas as to how we could improve the blog? Are there topics you want to see covered? Comment away!

Apparently, I'm not the only blogger to feel this way.


  1. OK, I'll bite. :-) Have you seen the new AJIC article on medical mtg attendees not washing their hands?

  2. Thanks for the link. A few comments: 1) I thought the compliance rates were rather high (96% and 97%), especially when you include attendees that washed with just water. Yes they should have used soap! 2) The attendees of the these meetings (ICAAC and SSAC) are most likely not clinicians, but rather microbiologists and researchers. (disclosure: I have only attended ICAAC, but not last year). My last comment is that when I have attended "infectious disease" meetings recently, they pass out alcohol-based hand rub with the conference materials. It is possible that many used ABHR as they walked back to their seats - that's actually what I do...

  3. Eli!
    I check your blog almost everyday. It is great and I truly enjoy it...most of the time... :)
    BTW, maybe you should publicize it at SHEA or IDSA??
    Keep at it!
    Silvia Munoz-Price

  4. Thanks Silvia. "Almost" everyday! ;) That's it. I bet most of our readers are too busy to comment. Fortunately, now that MRSA is declining and CLABSI are at zero, people will have more time to comment.

  5. Hi Eli,

    Me and a few others all read your blog regularly. I'd like to learn more about your own research. Surveys on various infection prevention topics may also be interesting.

  6. Great ideas. I know that Dan and Mike had a few reader surveys when they started the blog. It would be good to have those on a more regular basis.


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