Two new NPSGs from the Joint Commission target VAP and CAUTI

University of Iowa, Class of 2013
The Joint Commission has just released new National Patient Safety Goals for 2012-13 for full implementation by January 1, 2013.  They cover VAP and CAUTI in hospitals and LTCF and are open for public comment until 1/27/2011.  The strategies were published in the October 2008 SHEA Compendium in ICHE. 

Two comments: (1) I thought the world was going to end in December 12, 2012, so probably not much to worry about, apart from the world ending and (2) VAP may be going away in NHSN to be replaced by process measures, so I wonder how VAP outcomes will be tracked, as required, when no one can decide on a definition? I'm sure you have comments and they want to hear from you.

Note: It looks like even if the Mayans were wrong about 2012, we may still not make it through 2013.

Example for VAP, NPSG.07.06.01 in Hospitals requires 7 steps:
1) A plan
2) Hand hygiene before/after caring for ventilated patients
3) Semirecumbent position of patient
4) Regular antiseptic oral care
5) Daily weaning assessment
6) Daily sedation interruption
7) Measure VAP process measures and outcomes

Hospital Program draft versions of NPSG.07.06.01 (VAP) and NPSG.07.07.01 (CAUTI) (PDF)
LTC Program versions (PDF)
JC page that provides links for submitting comments.

h/t Marc Wright


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