Potential Risks and Benefits of Gain-of-Function Research - December 15-16

About 3 months ago we posted a letter from Marc Lipsitch highlighting the risks of "gain-of-function" research. He described this research as "experiments that create potential pandemic pathogens from virulent precursors that are not readily transmissible." The concerns about this particular kind of research are particularly acute when applied to pathogens with pandemic potential like MERS, SARS and influenza. In two weeks (December 15-16) there will be a 1.5 day meeting in Washington DC at the National Academy of Sciences on this topic. The meeting is open to the public with each session including 30 minutes for audience discussion. In addition, public input is sought electronically before the meeting via the meeting meeting web page. A very important topic - hope some of you can attend.

The agenda and registration information are here: http://dels.nas.edu/Upcoming-Event/Risks-Benefits-Gain/AUTO-9-61-70-Q


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