Some norovirus with your entree?

We've blogged before about the problem of presenteeism in healthcare workers. We've all seen coworkers come to work sick and maybe have even done that ourselves. But from a public health perspective, presenteeism isn't just a problem for doctors and nurses. Those who work in the food service industry can spread gastrointestinal and other infections when they come to work sick. And they are very likely to work while sick. An article in the latest issue of The Progressive points out that 80% of food servers in the US lack paid sick leave. The Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) in a survey (below) of 4,300 food service workers found that nearly 2/3 of these workers prepared or served food while sick.

ROC has also published a diners' guide (full text here), which includes information on which restaurants do and do not provide paid sick leave for their employees.


  1. Very interesting that the food service industry lacks sick days when it's so important for them not have their workers spreading the viruses. Love the dining guide too. Great idea. Passed this one to our son who works at a restaurant.


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