More power to the fist bump

Last year, I blogged about a study that suggested that fist bumps replace the handshake, since the fist bump has less surface area contact and the duration is shorter. More recently I blogged that some physicians in Los Angeles were recommending that handshakes be banned in hospitals. Now a new study in the American Journal of Infection Control demonstrates that the transfer of bacteria is 20-fold higher with a handshake than a fist bump.

Ok, all you infection preventionists and hospital epidemiologists: what are we waiting for? Well, of course, the randomized controlled trial demonstrating lower rates of healthcare associated infections. Because, you know, common sense is quaint.

Photo: Craig Lassig / EPA


  1. Let's not over think HH too much and focus on strategies to improve training and compliance in aseptic technique where we will probably get more bang for our buck in terms if reducing HAIs. This is particularly relevant when IC resources may be limited. Glenys Harrington, Infection Control Consultancy (ICC). Melbourne Australia.


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