Getting to zero

By my count, there are now zero persons in the United States who are actively infected with Ebola virus.  This is the perfect time to donate your time or your money to Ebola response in West Africa.

Also, Kaci Hickox still doesn't have Ebola. She should be allowed to go bowling.

Finally, one observation about our weirdly, uniquely American response to Ebola virus. The CDC Guidance for Monitoring and Movement Restriction treats healthcare workers who have "direct contact while using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) with a person with Ebola" differently based upon whether they were caring for patients in countries with or without "widespread Ebola transmission". Thus brave volunteers returning from West Africa are under more stringent monitoring and movement restriction guidance than are those who might care for a patient in New York, Texas or Iowa. Yet if you compare the ratio of 'healthcare worker acquisitions/Ebola infected patients' in the US versus West Africa, I'm not sure there is any contest (2 acquisitions/9 Ebola patients = .22--what's 22% of 13,268, the total number of cases thus far in West Africa?).  This isn't an argument to be more restrictive about those who care for Ebola patients in the US, it's an argument to chill the #&*% out about humanitarian healthcare workers returning from the outbreak zone.


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