Friday, October 9, 2009

Questioning the ethics of MRSA active surveillance

For some time, Dan and I have questioned the ethics of performing active surveillance cultures for MRSA in order to isolate colonized patients. In this week's BMJ, Dr. Michael Millar from London, notes the ethical issues surrounding the policy of mandating MRSA screening of all patients electively admitted to English hospitals. In addition to the ethical issues, we believe there are other effective ways to control MRSA that also control other pathogens, and do so in a more patient friendly and cost effective manner.


  1. Mike,

    Most of your posts about MRSA are about why hospitals shouldn't initiate ADI (in spite of all the research supporting it).

    I would like to hear your argument for why they shouldn't.


  2. See my posting "No MRSA here!" from 10/24/09.