Monday, October 8, 2012

Chicago Cubs are #1: With the most disgusting ballpark!!!

I've been away for a week, hanging out in Potsdam with some infection control folk and am only now catching up on the terrible outbreaks and important developments that occurred in my absence. One report that must be personally disturbing for our esteemed colleague, microbiologist and favorite Cub's fan Dan is the recent survey of Major League Baseball Stadium cleanliness that found historic Wrigley Field to be the grossest, dirtiest, most vile baseball park ever!  All 30 ballparks were graded on 79 review criteria. Some highlights for the Cubs: 21% hand hygiene compliance in the men's bathrooms - more urinals than sinks apparently and vendors handling food and money with the same hands, Yum!  Hmm, come to think of it, maybe this explains the poor attendance at Wrigley this year?

See the full rankings here.

h/t Mark Vander Weg

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  1. Well, there's one rating list I didn't know I needed.