You are what you wear

Mike has posted extensively on appropriate attire in clinical settings and perhaps folks are starting to notice. This month's ACP Hospitalist has a balanced piece by Charlotte Huff on the subject and quotes extensively from the good doctor Edmond. The most compelling part of the article for me was how much ideas and standards of what attire is considered appropriate change over time AND can be changed through education.  For example, a highlighted 1987 JAMA study reported that 34% of patients wanted female physicians to wear skirts. Can you imagine that in 2013? - makes 1987 seem almost Victorian. What was most encouraging to me was the 2008 JHI study Mike mentioned in the article. That study found that a simple education session could shift the proportion of patients preferring their surgeons wear scrubs from 24% to 62%. Hopefully soon, we will all be wearing scrubs... and black vests.


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