Do you have a question?

IDWeek abstract dispositions were just emailed last week. Hopefully you received good news and have already started planning your trip to Philadelphia! IDweek discounted registration closes July 25th.

For those also attending SHEA2015 in Orlando, this will be the first SHEA meeting in three years where we will be accepting abstracts (kinda like the old days but with competitions, voting and awards). So get busy making science - abstract submission closes January 16, 2015.

Whether you are attending IDWeek, SHEA or both meetings, I thought a quick review of Q&A etiquette was in order. I've pasted an algorithm to follow when you're thinking of asking a question at either meeting. These questions are particularly important to follow if you're thinking about asking a question during a University of Iowa student presentation. Thanks!

source: this diagram has been all over twitter the past two months. I have no idea who to thank or where to give attribution. If anyone knows, please comment and I will update the post. 


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