Band Aid 30 (West Africa 2014)

Band Aid, a charity group founded by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984, raised money to combat starvation in Ethiopia. The original song (despite controversial lyrics) led to the successful Live Aid concerts the following summer. With the current plight of Ebola in West Africa, they formed a new group to sing revised lyrics like "where a kiss of love can kill you and there's death in every tear" to help raise money to combat the epidemic. I would have written where a break in PPE protocol can kill you and, of course, epidemiologically speaking, there's not death in every tear. The song is available on iTunes and a CD will be released soon. And if you dislike the song or want to give more, you can head over to Oxfam, MSF,  MSF (USA), UNICEF, or the CDC Foundation.


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