When antibiotics don't work any more: Maryn McKenna's TED Talk

Maryn McKenna is a public health journalist whose stories, books and posts have been important for explaining antibiotic resistance to those not already immersed in its study. Her TED talk from last spring just became available - well worth the listen. If you want to read more, head over to her 'new' blog at National Geographic: Phenomena: Germination.


  1. video resonates with me-- but just like climate change, antibiotic resistance is remote from average, healthy people... I wonder if healthy people would take the 17 minutes to watch this video, and if they do, how they react?

    1. Good question. My sense is that Maryn has a better chance (than I do) of holding the attention of healthy people given the introductory story of her healthy uncle who died from an infection; we just gotta keep pushing the issue from every angle.


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