SHEA/CDC/AMDA Sponsored Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Certificate Course

The SHEA/CDC/AMDA infection prevention in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care certificate course will take place during the first 2 days of the SHEA 2016 meeting.

Q: What will the SHEA/CDC/AMDA Post-Acute and Long-Term Care course cover?

     A: Starting with an overview of healthcare epidemiology, the course will go over surveillance definitions and how surveillance data can be put to good use (beyond satisfying checkboxes on surveyors’ clipboards). The speakers will also discuss aspects of infection prevention that are unique to skilled nursing facilities, where residents enjoy shared dining, recreation and rehabilitation experiences. Sessions will also address occupational health concerns in long-term care, including outbreaks that affect both staff and residents, such as influenza and norovirus. (Did you know that a box of chocolates is a great vector for norovirus? Poor Forrest Gump…..). The course will also emphasize opportunities to reduce unnecessary and inappropriate antimicrobial use. Speakers will specifically discuss communication at care transitions and ways to educate talking with concerned family members, who may have been taught myths and misinformation about antibiotic use for UTI management (e.g., bad dreams are an indication for treating a positive urine culture with antibiotics). Really.

Q: What does the SHEA/CDC/AMDA Post-Acute and Long-Term Care certificate look like?


Q: Where can I sign up for SHEA 2016 and the Certificate Course?

     A: At the SHEA 2016 meeting website: here

Q: Is there an early bird discount?

     A: Yes! Register before February 15, 2016


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