Remember me if I forget (to blog)

#SHEA2018 has just started in Portland and since it's SHEA Spring, it's our blogiversary! Back in 2009, it all started with this post by Dan. We've been on quite a run - 1788 posts, numerous guest commentaries and a good share of controversy.

But you've probably noticed that we've been a little light on posts since around the end of 2016. This is for a variety of reasons, many of which you might guess - busy schedules, enrolling in degree programs, submitting grants etc. The biggest reason that I've rarely posted is that I deleted my twitter app. Since twitter is where I found many interesting ideas for posts, I've lacked some motivation.

But, 2018 is a new year - our 10th year  - and with new bloggers and light at the end of many tunnels, expect big things. I'll be off to Singapore for a good part of the year to learn about MDRO control there - I can imagine some "virtual postcards" from the Uncle Traveling Matt of the blog.

Finally, I saw the Tedeschi Trucks Band in Davenport last night. Amazing show. And Charlie Parr opened for them. Charlie is an amazing blues guitarist from Minnesota - he's a character in the coolest sense and told great stories. I can't get this song out of my head, so I thought I'd share it with you. Have a great time at SHEA - I can't be there. Please, remember me and remember our blog.


  1. We're really proud of Charlie Parr here in Duluth! It's another example of the hidden treasures to be found on this blog. Thanks to all the bloggers for sharing your wisdom. Especially for those of us outside academia, it provides valuable insight and perspective.


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