In case you mist it.....

Two articles and an editorial in the June issue of ICHE discuss the use of hydrogen peroxide (vapor or mist) in hospital room disinfection. The hydrogen peroxide systems are appealing—the by-products, water and oxygen, are harmless, while H2O2 itself is sporicidal (i.e. kills C. difficile) and effective in eradicating other nosocomial pathogens from environmental surfaces.

The main drawback, besides the added cost, is feasibility. There are two systems (vapor and “dry mist”), and the vapor apparently requires that the room be sealed (doors, windows, ventilation ducts, etc.) during application. The Rhode Island group reports that H2O2 vapor decontamination required a mean of 2 hours and 20 minutes—not an appealing prospect for hospitals that run at or near capacity and for which short room turnaround times are critical.


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