Quote of the Day

“The Hajj will take place, it’s not like a…Pink Floyd concert.”

That quote, by our friend and colleague Andreas Voss, is from an interesting news piece looking ahead to the Hajj and the potential impact it could have on the spread of the novel H1N1 virus. Ideally, a vaccine will be available by then.

It’s no coincidence that Andreas chose Pink Floyd, a band that foresaw the ominous role swine would play in the future in their song “Pigs on the Wing” from the Animals LP.

That said, I certainly wouldn’t cancel a Pink Floyd concert for this virus.

I’m at the ASM meeting in Philadelphia, and I should note that I haven’t seen a single person yet with a mask on (Neil Fishman, who gave a great talk on antimicrobial stewardship this afternoon, said he saw one person wearing a surgical mask). Our division (nosocomial infections) has another symposium tomorrow afternoon on MRSA—Mike Edmond will be talking about MRSA in the ICU, Mary Claire Roghmann will cover long term care, Jeff Bender the veterinary angle, and Loren Miller will talk about community MRSA. Should be a great session.


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