I got nothin'

I'm too busy doing H1N1 response (it is the new Ebola!). Our community epidemic is picking up speed, so we are setting records in our Emergency Department, where 15% of the visits are now for influenza-like illness. Pages, e-mails, and drop-ins are eating up almost every spare minute for our infection prevention staff. Is [fill in the blank] an aerosol generating procedure? Why don't you have filters on the ventilator exhaust? Why won't you give the injectable H1N1 vaccine to [fill in with any person not on our current list of approved recipients]? I heard they had vaccine in [random location], why don't we have it available here? [Hospital X] is not allowing anyone under 18 to visit, why haven't we made that our policy? How come we aren't using N95s for all patient care, don't you know the CDC recommends it?

If I had time, I'd put a link here to the sound of a primal scream.


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