Atul Gawande - The Checklist Manifesto

Dan has commented several times on Atul Gawande's New Yorker articles (here and here). As he stated, his writing is highly influential both politically in Washington and in driving patient safety. Those who like his articles and books will be excited to know that he has a new book coming out next week titled "The Checklist Manifesto." You'll be even more excited that you can hear him now on APIC's website and see him July 12th at the New Orleans APIC conference where there will be an "exclusive book signing at the premier conference for infection prevention education." I was going to comment on the fact that SHEA might be considered the premier conference by some, but then I realized SHEA's meeting will be going away in a few years, so it's probably not worth mentioning...

I'm sure we'll write more about his newest book when we've had a chance to read it. In the meantime, I will be sitting next to my fireplace hoping Santa finds it in his heart to place a copy in my stocking.


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