H1N1 Vaccine Recall (Sanofi Pasteur) - Swine Flu Vaccine Recall

Although not a safety-related recall, Sanofi Pasteur has voluntarily recalled approximately 800,000 doses of low-dose, thimerosal-free vaccine in 0.25 mL prefilled syringes used in kids ages 6 months and 3 years according to the CDC. The recall is for reduced potency and impacts the only vaccine type that was thimerosal-free and licensed for children under 2 years old. Kids older than 2 can typically receive the intranasal spray vaccine, which is thimerosal free. I suppose this will create anxiety. However, there is no evidence, after much study, that thimerosal is harmful. The mercury levels are far below those achieved when eating fish. Fortunately, there are declining levels of circulating 2009 H1N1 in the US, so if a child under 2 needs their first or second shot, they can probably wait until new supply arrives.


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