Pomegranates and MRSA

Travelling in Ohio, but had to get in a quick post to suggest what to eat in 2010. Well, not really but perhaps spread on your skin. Researchers in England have found what might be a new class of antibiotic. When mixed with a metal salt, presumably cupric sulfate, and vitamin C, pomegranate rinds have activity against MRSA and other hospital pathogens. You can read the full story in the Guardian here and look at their list of publications here. What I particularly liked is that the story mentioned that there were 20 classes of antibiotics created between 1940 and 1962 but only 3 classes in the 48 years since. I guess if NIH could increase funding for antibiotics beyond the budget dust level, we might have a chance. Hopefully other countries can step in with funding and creative science like this. That is my wish for the new year.


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