Čojstvo - Humanity - My hope for 2016

Mike has written often about humanism in the context of the white coat debate. He contrasts humanism with professionalism with humanism focusing on the welfare of humankind and professionalism primarily seeking to strengthen a personal professional identity. With that in mind, I was just listening to The Gist and Mike Pesca was retelling the story (around minute 22 of the podcast) behind his favorite sentence for 2015. While on a tour in Montenegro this past summer, he heard the guide try to explain the ethical ideal of the Montenegrin people - Čojstvo i Junaštvo, which roughly translates to Humanity and Bravery, using this sentence:

"Bravery is very easy - it is when you defend yourself from others but humanity is more difficult - it is when you defend others from yourself" - Nino Markovic (Montenegrin Tour Guide)

So from Mike Pesca's sentence for 2015, I've found my hope for 2016:

Čojstvo - Humanity


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