Haiti and the Dominican Republic: How to help

Many of you are no doubt following the humanitarian crisis unfolding after the earthquake. The large scale damage to healthcare facilities in Haiti complicates treatment of trauma victims and will challenge efforts to control communicable disease outbreaks.

The simplest way to help is to give money to support the earthquake response, to outfits like the Red Cross, Partners in Health, and Doctors Without Borders.


  1. If you do donate to this or another cause, please check out


    This site gives you important information such as what percent of your donation typically goes directly to those in need versus administration or other expenses.

  2. Of note, check out the salaries of the CEOs of each of the organizations Dan listed.

    Red Cross: Gail J. McGovern, President, CEO $565,000

    Partners in Health, Ophelia Dahl $74,000

    Doctors Without Borders, Nicolas De Torrente $116,000

    Information courtesy of charitynavigator.org


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