Importance of Family

This isn't a typical post. I'm not linking to any new research findings. Rather, I wanted to refer you to a story I just read on Paul Levy's blog about a friend of his who just died from synovial sarcoma. The story is really the remarks the deceased's daughter gave at his memorial service. She describes how she and her dad worked together to fight his disease; she would read the literature and sift through the statistics and give her dad just the information he needed to keep fighting. I found it particularly moving.

There may be some lessons in there about how families can prevent their loved-ones from developing an HAI. Perhaps we need to figure out ways to engage family members to be constantly vigilant of hand hygiene and glove compliance, for instance. The literature seems to suggest that a continuous Hawthorne effect is the most effective way to improve compliance with hand hygiene. If we can empower daughters and sons and mothers and fathers, like this daughter was empowered, it could make a big difference.


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