Not to be too Cavalier about this…..

….but I’ve never been very worried about communicable disease outbreaks from drinking water fountains (decorative fountains and Legionella, that’s a different story).

Nonetheless, Cleveland’s professional basketball franchise has removed all water fountains from the Quicken Loans Arena, as part of a new “cleaning and sanitizing” effort. Team spokesman Tad Carper cited the “national health landscape” as the reason…which I think harkens to one of Eli’s interests, the role of the media in generating irrational fear and free-floating anxiety about mega-superbugs (if I'm not mistaken, Eli is also a Cavaliers fan).

Despite their protestations to the contrary, I can’t help but suspect this is a plot to increase bottled water sales.


  1. Yes, a Cav's fan; a family affliction. Would be an interesting study. You could remove the drinking fountains from 1/2 of the NBA arenas and not the others and then follow the millions of fans for one year to see what happens... I guess the confounder is that wining teams have more fans, are more crowded and thus bugs would spread more easily. Perhaps people should sit every other seat or wear masks/gloves.


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