More on contaminated neckties

A new study from Ireland of 95 doctor's ties found that 18% had pathogens recovered when cultured. S. aureus was recovered from 10 ties (8 of the isolates were methicillin resistant), gram-negative bacilli were recovered from 10 ties, and 3 ties had both S. aureus and gram-negative bacilli. The doctors also completed a survey, and 81% reported they would be happy not to wear a tie.

So to recap, we have an article of clothing that serves no function, is commonly contaminated with pathogens, and many doctors don't want to wear them. I think it's time to kill the necktie.


  1. Perhaps ties could serve another function? How about if they are used to honor emeritus professors. If they were given an honorary tie and then only the honored could wear them in the hospital, we could keep ties but keep them out of clinical areas. As being a member of the tribe (Croatians) that invented the neck tie, I don't want them to go away, just away from my patients.


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