A year in the blogosphere

Today the blog celebrates its first birthday! It's been great fun for all of us and we thank our readers. At the Decennial Meeting last week, we were stopped by many who just wanted to let us know they enjoyed following the blog.

The hottest topics of the year were (in order, based on the number of postings):
1.  H1N1 influenza
2.  MRSA
3. Active surveillance
4. Public reporting of healthcare associated infections
5. The role of white coats and clothing in infection prevention

Interestingly, the number one topic, H1N1, wasn't on our radar screen when the blog started a year ago, but it appeared suddenly and held our attention for most of the year.

According to Caslon Analytics, "the average blog has the lifespan of a fruit fly," with 60-80% of blogs not surviving past the first month. Of those blogs that survive past day 1, the average lifespan is 126 days. So, I guess we've beaten the awful odds of blog neonatal mortality.

As always, we invite you to post your comments.


  1. Happy birthday and many returns!
    I'm just a first-year medical student, but I really enjoy following your blog. Your rational and evidence-based approach of critical topics mingles with a clear and enjoyable writing style, wish there were more blogs like yours!
    Thanks for your work!

  2. Thanks Hypotyposis!
    Glad you are enjoying the blog and I appreciate your comments. I teach a big chunk of the epidemiology course to our first year medical students and always follow 2 basic rules that students have taught me over the years: less is more and entertainment is key. Otherwise epidemiology can be dry, though you have to admit that even at its worse, it's better than biochem.



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