Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The definitive hand hygiene video!

Tired of explaining (and re-explaining) the importance of hand hygiene? Fatigued from answering questions about various aspects of hand hygiene, such as what to say about jewelry and fingernails, or fire hazards?

Then let the New England Journal of Medicine explain it for you! Didier Pittet and colleagues have put together an instructional video on hand hygiene--many of you have probably seen it already, but if you haven't, take a look.

One concern is whether anyone will have the stamina to stick with the video for the full 15 minutes, but the player allows you to click around to a topic of interest if your attention begins to wane. Also, it might have been more effective with a human voice (if it is a human voice, my sincere apologies to that person--but it sounds robotic or synthetic). On second thought, robots may be just what we need on the units: robotic hand hygiene observers who confront healthcare workers on their way out of the room with a detailed assessment of their HH performance!


  1. Surely there is a lot of importance of hand hygiene and therefore the children in school and tried to be taught of such manners so that they do not contract bad disease from dirt and bacteria and germs in their hands.

  2. The link to video was distributed today among all MDs at my hospital system(over a thousand). The question is: how many will actually watch it...

  3. Good question! We discussed making the video part of our annual IC competency....you have to watch the video (or at least have the option of watching the video) and then answer a few simple multiple choice questions based upon the content.