Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MRSA Video - If this doesn't get you excited "almost" nothing will

The video was made by The University Hospital of South Manchester.

Things to note:
1) They start off by washing their hands and not swabbing their noses
2) Ties are tucked, sleeves are rolled up and they're mostly bare below the elbows.

Source: BBC News

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  1. Very creative...but they need a verse on textiles!

    I follow you folks on behalf of Vestagen, developer of Vestex fluid barrier/antimicrobial medical wear that's also comfortable and breathable. Check out this research on the fabric presented earlier this month at SHEA: http://vestexprotects.com/press/view/13-Textile-Technology-Studies-Suggest-New-Performance-Requirements-Standards-for-Medical-Uniforms-Are-Possible.

    David French