Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bedbugs and superbugs and bears, oh my!

Combine superbugs and bedbugs and what do you get? At least one publication, and a lot of media attention, that’s what. I was trying my hardest to ignore this story, but our stat counter shows that we now have a sizable readership—how can I let them down? My solution to this problem: we should try to destroy bedbugs wherever we find them (oh, we’re already doing that? OK). As for the over 4 million people in the U.S. who carry MRSA in their noses, let's let them live.

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  1. Yes, please let the MRSA colonized live! I was about to comment on the fact that bedbugs don't spread disease, and then I did a google search. MRSA??? The idea of MRSA carrying bedbugs is interesting (dance across the floor and out of the room interesting), but are people just misinterpreting the symptoms of CA-MRSA USA 300's propensity for skin and soft tissue infections that look like "bug bites", or do you three really think they could transmit as a vector?

    We had the interesting experience of staying in a hotel room 2 years ago in France, where our two sons created the "catch a bug" game, filling a baggie half full before we presented to the night desk clerk, in exchange for taking our suitcases out of the bathtub and into a new room.

    Sooo, thinking bedbugs were a simple problem, like scabies or head lice, did a Google search, thankfully while still in France --- quickly found out not the case.

    Thanks to Rick Steves and his washable, dryable suitcases right along with all the clothes in the nice laundrymat in Aix-en-Provence, then home and into to black plastic garbage bags on the deck in July for 1 week. Thankfully no hitchhikers

    Actually, except for an announcement about the APIC webinar for Bedbugs in Long Term Care, and your blog, I did not realize that there was that much media attention- people do need to be aware they are not as "easy" to get rid of as other little critters we deal with in schools and healthcare, like scabies and head-lice. On that note, I will go check the edges of my mattress....