Saturday, May 28, 2011

New C. difficile drug approved

Fidaxomicin, the new drug we discussed here, was just approved by the FDA for treatment of Clostridium difficile disease. Price is still not available, but I agree that it is likely to cost at least as much as brand-name oral vancomycin (the parenteral formulation of vancomycin can be formulated for oral use much more cheaply, a practice that is now common). If it is that expensive, fidaxomicin probably will be reserved for recurrent disease (the clinical trial demonstrated equivalence for treatment response, the benefit of fidaxomicin was in reduced recurrence rates among patients with non-NAP1/BI strains).

Photo: Dr. Sherwood Gorbach, Chief Scientific Officer at Optimer Pharmaceuticals. Sandy Huffaker/New York Times

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  1. Should a CSO for pharma be editor at a society journal? Should they remain faculty at a University? It seems like there could be a COI there. If we are going to have a chance to improve COI for scientists, we might want to start with journals and society policies.