Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good riddance!

I’m so happy to see this flawed performance measure dropped. I think I’ll take a 5 minute break to write a blog post, then another 5 minute break to stare out the window and marvel that a measure with such toxic unintended consequences was actually abandoned!

h/t to Edward Goodman, via a post on the EIN this morning.


  1. ...and 5 minutes to wonder why we have to wait until 2012 to actually retire this toxicity. This is the equivalent to waiting until 2012 to stop eating cantaloupe!

  2. I was in the ER last night to see a patient and one of the attendings told me that a large emergency medicine group in Virginia was fining its physicians $500 each time they didn't meet the 6 hour rule. I wonder if they'll get their money back. And I wonder how much this incredibly stupid rule cost the US healthcare system when all is said and done.