Monday, October 17, 2011

Pee first, then think!

Photo: Run On!
At the gym today I was reading the Chronicle of Higher Education while riding the bike and came across an article on the Ig Nobel awards. These awards are for research papers that first make people laugh, then make them think. One of the winners in the Medicine category went to the investigators who did a study published in Neurourology and Urodynamics on the effect of acute increase in urge to void on cognitive function (full text here). The study subjects drank 250 mL of water every 15 minutes until they could no longer inhibit voiding. Cognitive tests were performed hourly from baseline through extreme urge to void and then postmicturition. The investigators found that the extreme urge to void state was associated with significant declines in cognitive function that reversed after voiding.

Very interesting study, isn't it? So it got me to wonder whether Tom Talbot had to pee really badly when he drafted the SHEA position paper on flu vaccine for healthcare workers. Fess up, Tom!

Disclaimer:  Tom's a great epidemiologist and regular reader of our blog, so this is all in fun. 


  1. Tom. I did some checking and Mike actually had a full bladder when he wrote this post. I know that is pretty ironic, but this blog specializes in irony.

  2. Eli, it was not my fault. I was a victim of Howard Schultz and his venti iced doubleshot.