Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MRSA vs Man vs MRSA: CA-MRSA and Vaccines

Maryn McKenna has a new Nature Feature on Robert Daum's early CA-MRSA report and his vaccine development efforts.  The article spans the period 1995 to present and discusses old and new vaccines, including Daum's  TH17-targeted approach.  A nugget I didn't know is that Daum had an 18-month struggle with JAMA editors prior to publication of his early description of CA-MRSA cases in pediatric patients.  The article is now considered to be an early warning of the epidemic.  Probably shouldn't rely on publications in academic journals for early warning signals.  What are you waiting for?  Head on over there for the full read.

Source: Maryn McKenna: Vaccine Development: Man vs MRSA, Nature 01 Feb 2012

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