Friday, April 27, 2012

An Iowa City Non-Virtual Chat Room

Mike dropped by Iowa City today to give a talk on C. difficile for the 14th Annual Update in Infectious Diseases at UI. Dan is the Course Director.  The talks were all excellent.  Next year, you guys have to swing by.  Next up tonight is the Great Plains Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference put on by the UI College of Public Health and directed by Tara Smith.

photo credit: Carl Lebuhn, MD


  1. Do you think that the fecal transplant will catch on? Have people tried it for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease, especially after the patient has taken oral antibiotics for some other infection or when the symptoms don't go away with steroids, etc.?

    1. For C. difficile I think we'll see increasing use of fecal transplants. Beyond that, I'm not sure. But as everyone gets more comfortable with the concept, we may see it used for other indications.

  2. One other idea - if you took that slide set and narrated it on Youtube with a voiceover you would get a lot of hits. I got 90+ so far when I posted a 5 year-old hand hygiene presentation.