Sunday, April 29, 2012

New and improved!

Eli, Dan and I thought it was time for a blog makeover. We're now in our fourth year, have posted over 1,000 pieces, and readership continues to expand. So today we've introduced a new look and some cool new features:

  • At the bottom of each post, you'll note a string of colorful icons that allow you to share the post with your friends in several different ways. Clicking the first icon (the green one) enables you to share the post in multiple applications simultaneously. So next time you see a post that resonates with you, hit the button!
  • In the sidebar, you'll find Featured Posts. Here each of us will choose one of our recent posts that we think you shouldn't miss.
  • Also in the sidebar further down, you'll find another new feature, Presentations. Here you can view lectures that we and others have recently given that may be useful to you.
There are now several ways to follow us. If you're a regular Facebook user, by clicking "like" in the sidebar, each new post that we write will automatically show up on your wall. If you're a Twitterite, each post can be twittered to you by following eliowa. If you're averse to those, new posts can be emailed to you (see sidebar), or fed to your Google reader. So, one way or another, keep following, and send us your comments!

Graphic:  Totally Serial

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