Friday, June 8, 2012

Baltimore Hooters' waitress contracts...TB?

The Baltimore Sun Paper reports that a 19-year old worker at the Inner Harbor Hooters contracted TB from a co-worker. Since that time she has been under quarantine and subject to directly observed therapy. Per the article: "multiple other members of the Hooters staff were confirmed to have latent or nonactive tuberculosis after the restaurant and the Health Department scheduled two separate testings for staff at downtown hotels last October and in March."

Still, I think you should plan your trip to Baltimore.  The Inner Harbor is beautiful in June and the Orioles are in first place. And on the plus side in this case, the woman was awarded workers' compensation from Hooters to cover lost wages and mounting medical expenses and Baltimore TB cases continue to decline with about 32 cases/year down from 60 in 2001. Back those bags and head to Charm City.

h/t Dan Morgan

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  1. For details about the case, please read

    While I agree that people should not cancel their trip to the Inner Harbor, I strongly advise they avoid bad restaurants.