Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Poor APIC! No sooner than they rolled out their new grand vision, healthcare without infection, the keynote speaker at their national meeting tells them it ain't gonna happen. Allan Morrison, a member of the reality based community an infectious diseases doctor, delivered the bad news to APIC. It's not the first time APIC's been rebuked in a plenary session of a national meeting, but this time it happened at their own meeting. Next time, they better make sure all speakers sign the zero pledge card before they let them on the stage.


  1. Because this sort of stuff can sometimes disappear on the interweb, I wanted to post the key sections:

    (“Zero may be achievable but it's not sustainable,” said Morrison, who is also a professor and senior fellow at George Mason University, Fairfax. “There will be breakthroughs.” Instead of focusing on zero infections, Morrison advocated “zero tolerance” for infections. “Be hyper-aggressive, but recognize that infections are not all preventable,” he said at the conference, which at last count, had drawn 4,522 attendees.)

  2. As a member of the audience at this year's APIC, and a person who believes 0 is utterly unsustainable; Dr. Morrison's talk was a joy! Moreover, his timing was hilarious. He deserved the massive round of applause he got when he said 0 was never going to happen!