Monday, August 20, 2012

The rest of the (hand hygiene) story

Anyone who works in hospital infection prevention knows that there are a bizillion published articles on hand hygiene--when to do it, how to do it, which product to use, how long to do it, and how to measure it. Much less is written about what to do afterwards (i.e., what's the best way to dry your hands?). This month's Mayo Clinic Proceedings has a systematic review on hand drying. You can find the full text of the paper here.

Spoiler alert:  
Paper towels win hands down.


  1. Interesting that using paper towels seems to be the best method of hand drying while many places are doing away with them. Many businesses should consider this study as well as hospitals and doctors offices.

  2. There have been only 4 quality studies of methods to improve hand hygiene published since 1980. I think stating otherwise undermines efforts to get studies funded looking at novel methods to improve hand hygiene.

    see: cochrane interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance:;jsessionid=2CA5DF4A7D6AE07FF33506A839202B0F.d03t03

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