State of Antibacterial Resistance in the Union

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night. The event is always an interesting spectacle. I enjoy seeing who stands, sits and claps during specific parts of the speech. Several sections really piqued my interest and I've pasted them below. I suspect this is the first time a President has used drug-resistant bacteria in such a high-profile speech. Perhaps this is an important milestone or tipping-point. One can hope.

"Listen, China and Europe aren't standing on the sidelines; and neither -- neither should we. We know that the nation that goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow. This is an edge America cannot surrender. Federally-funded research helped lead to the ideas and inventions behind Google and smartphones. And that's why Congress should undo the damage done by last year's cuts to basic research so we can unleash the next great American discovery. (Cheers, applause.)"

"There are entire industries to be built based on vaccines that stay ahead of drug-resistant bacteria or paper-thin material that's stronger than steel. And let's pass a patent reform bill that allows our businesses to stay focused on innovation, not costly and needless litigation."

Reference: Washington Post's full-text of President Obama's SOTU address


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