ECCMID: Year in Infection Control

First, a hearty THANKS to ECCMID organizers for setting up a truly excellent website that allows for almost real-time access to presentations (at least those for which the presenter gave permission). Head to this link to hear two of the "Year in Infection Control" talks from this morning, by Drs. Anucha Apisarnthanarak and Sebastian Lemmen. Just click on the screen icon to the left of the speaker's name and you're off to the races. 

Regarding the talks in the sepsis session I blogged about yesterday, unfortunately only one of the four speakers appears to have agreed to have the talk accessible on the web--Dr. Tom van der Poll's talk is available here.

I consider any talk I give to be in the public domain immediately afterwards, so I don't understand why presenters would decline to have their talks posted to a conference website. Maybe it's just a paperwork snafu.


  1. I think the default was that you were not willing to share your talk so you had to actively say you were willing in order to have it shared.

  2. Thanks, Marin, that explains it, I figured it was something like that. ECCMID sets the standard (within ID) for immediate public access to content. Congrats to the organizers! Dan

  3. We at Escmid highly encourage speakers to share their slides (with the option to withhold individual ones from publication). We strive to have this as common practice in the future. Henri (Escmid science manager)


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