Back from Ecuador

I had a great trip, and thanks to Mike for blogging solo for the past 2 weeks—I will not be very active this week either, I fear, since I am picking up the ID consultation service today.

Our time in Ecuador was spent almost entirely in the northern and central highlands, and included a lot of high altitude hiking. I’ve attached a couple photos from our travels, one of the Laguna Quilotoa, and the other of the airport fever screening upon our arrival in Quito. “La grippe porcina” was definitely a concern there, and of course is even more of an issue thoughout the southern hemisphere.

Now that it is clear that H1N1 is widespread in many countries of the southern hemisphere, and will likely be circulating here throughout our next influenza season, vaccine questions will become more and more pressing. Will we have an H1N1 vaccine in sufficient quantities for all “at-risk” populations by October? Will one dose or two doses be needed? Will it be incorporated into the seasonal vaccine (no).

If we think it difficult to achieve good healthcare worker influenza vaccine coverage when only one shot is required, imagine a campaign that requires 3 doses! I’m thinking a jab in each arm at first visit, followed by an H1N1 booster a month later….


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