More on Tamiflu at summer camps

This morning's New York Times has an article on the issue of prophylactic Tamiflu at summer camps, which Dan blogged about two weeks ago. CDC says the practice is wrong because it wastes a limited resource and may lead to antiviral resistance. On the other hand, Dr. Marc Siegel, an internist with a child in summer camp disagrees. He argues that his son at camp, with a bunkmate who had influenza, could bring the virus home and infect his brother who has asthma. Given that there appears to be no shortage of Tamiflu at the the present time, I side with Dr. Siegel, and hope that many more kids enjoy a flu-free camp experience.


  1. This seems to make sense on a case-by-case basis, and here given that the child has an immediate relative who'd be at risk; but wouldn't some measure of acquired immunity help out in the long run, while a vaccine is in the works? (i.e., not 'Tamiflu for every child in summer camp')


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