Restrictions May Apply

I enjoy This American Life, and have been listening to each weekly podcast while I walk to work. This week’s show was entitled “Fine Print”, and covered several unrelated topics wherein reading the fine print turned out to be crucial.

One segment of the show hits pretty hard, and is directly relevant to health care reform—it covers, in a very moving way, the health insurance industry practice of “rescission”. For those of you who live in a developed nation with a sane health care system, “rescission” is a practice whereby an insurer can revoke your health care insurance policy after you become ill, based upon a careful review of your application for any evidence (even minor, technical evidence) that you incorrectly or inaccurately completed your application.

A must-listen for any of you who think our health care system isn’t in desperate need of reform. Click on this link, then “full episode”, and go to 35:22 in the broadcast to listen.


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