Ebola: Could it get worse?

Today's New York Times OpEd section has a provocative and scary piece by Mike Osterholm. It focuses on the possibility that mutations in the Ebola virus could allow the virus to spread via the airborne route. I must admit that I don't know enough virology to comment on the probability of that occurring, but it is sobering to think about the implications of this. He also offers some recommendations for improving the management of the current epidemic.

Image:  Jonathon Rosen, New York Times


  1. Great and important piece by Mike Osterholm.

    Ian Mackay's discussion of the same points:

    1. Would be very interested in interviewing people, about the Ebola Outbreak and the potential it has to already be in the US as well as other Major Countries, as well as the possibility that it could be devastating to the entire planet.
      We agree with much of the research we are seeing, that its already out of control and there is no stopping it. Not without a huge Miracle. Please contact me if you or anyone else may be interested in having a Round Table discussion about Ebola.
      Thank you,


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