Ebola: Bloggers in the News

UPDATED October 19

Last night, Dan, Mike and I sat around a table and drafted an op-ed at the suggestion of several colleagues. We would eventually like to include it here, but that will have to wait pending editorial reviews and rejections. Media requests have been frequent and we are doing our best to speak with as many reporters as we can. Dan has been very busy with SHEA duties, as he is currently the Society President. SHEA has just released a statement on infection prevention funding needs where Dan is quoted. He spoke (audio below) this morning on NPR-KPCC in Southern California and also appeared on NBC Nightly News. He also was quoted in USA Today.

Mike spoke to Iowa Public radio about what we've learned from the transmission of Ebola to healthcare workers in Iowa and what we can do to prepare. He also appeared on MSNBC.

I've done several interviews, including one with Bloomberg News yesterday (I didn't write the headline) and a few more that are scheduled to appear. I've also posted an MP3 below of an interview I did with CBS radio out in LA (KNX 1070) yesterday. I tried to emphasize the importance of PPE protocols, particularly doffing and the need for a buddy to monitor every step. Buddy is my new favorite word.

Perencevich Interview on CBS KNX - LA

Diekema Interview of NPR KPCC - So Cal


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