We need better PPE

The bloggers have just published a viewpoint in JAMA on the need for better PPE in the era of Ebola. You can read it here.

Photo: John W. Poole, NPR


  1. Thanks for that very thorough review but I was wondering where is the evidence that the Ebola virus can pass through intact skin?? This is an issue that many have been wrestling with. If the virus cannot pass thru intact skin, then the priority should be in protecting the hands and mucus membranes. That would allow a lot simpler PPE that most HCWs are familiar with. It would probably be a lot safer as you guys have pointed out earlier. If on the other hand, the virus like a chemical agent can pass thru intact skin, then I would agree that all skin must be covered etc

  2. There is better PPE: an airline positive pressure suit, with an exit protocol involving disinfectant shower followed by a personnel shower. There have been essentially no researcher FHV cases, while there have been several healthcare worker infections. The cost and footprint, to set up, say, 10 two-bed wards in the US would be rather large though.


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