Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NDM-1 in the US (Boston, California and Illinois)

MGH - where one NDM-1 patient was treated
Out of ICAAC there is a report of three carbapenem-resistant (NDM-1) cases in the US, all of whom had medical care in India prior to travelling to the US. Per a Tribune article, "the three U.S. cases involved three different bacteria that remain susceptible to at least one of three antibiotics: colistin, polymixin and tigecycline, said Karen Bush, an Indiana University professor..."  If you'll notice, the reports all call NDM-1 a 'superbug.'  I find this funny since NDM-1 isn't even a bacteria but a gene that can be found in several pathogens, as described in this ICAAC report.  Anyway, gotta feel bad for MRSA.  Just when it let its guard down, this new guy just takes over.  Kinda like what Nadal has done to Federer.

Boston Globe Article
Chicago Tribune Article

NDM-1 MMWR report from June 25 (thanks to Maryn McKenna for the tip)


  1. Here's the original CDC bulletin on the 3 US cases (which, she says with a tiny amount of self-satisfaction, no one seems to have covered at the time but me).

  2. Thanks! Your 6/24 post was excellent. Eventually NIH will start funding antimicrobial resistance and drug discovery research. $3.2 billion annually for HIV and maybe $50 million for bacterial resistance. I guess when we cant do transplants maybe that will be the tipping point.

  3. Do you think antibiotic cycling is effective? (That pic of MGH is way too old and depressing looking).

  4. Historical MGH - Ether Dome.

    As far as cycling, I think the data hasn't been impressive so far. Some math models suggested it could be counter productive.

    see Bergstrom PNAS article

  5. We cannot let our guards down when it comes to MRSA. http://haiwatchdog.com is a great resource for prevention and discussions.