Tuesday, January 31, 2012

99% of Dutch Chickens Contaminated with ESBL Strains

From De Telegraaf (De nummer 1 in nieuws), we have a report that 99% of retail chickens produced with intensive farming and sold in Dutch Supermarkets are contaminated with ESBL-containing bacteria.  Organic chicken appears to be far less contaminated, perhaps 1/8th as likely.  My Dutch is a little rusty, so I've provided the sources. Either way, fear the kipfilet!!

1. De Telegraaf article (Dutch)
2. Radio Netherlands Worldwide (English)
3. Consumentenbond 1/31/2012 (Dutch)

UPDATE:  Overdevest et al. (EID 2011:17(7) July) reported 80% (71/89) of chicken samples from random grocery stores collected in fall 2009 in the southern part of the Netherlands contained ESBL genes. The authors noted that "ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae derived from meat and hospitalized patients showed a high degree of similarity of resistance genes and MLST patterns. Genotype blaCTX-M-1 was the most frequent drug resistance gene in chicken meat and humans and the second most frequent in blood cultures."  h/t Jan Kluytmans

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  1. why not? chicken food is fortified with antibiotics.